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Street Corner Choir's Bio and EPK
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Bios for David and Lezlie

Think John Denver meets the Indigo Girls

Street Corner Choir is the songwriting duo of Lezlie Revelle and David Hakan. With

inspired guitar arrangements, solid gold lyrics and velvet harmonies, you’ll think you just

stepped off the bus and entered the gates of heaven. Beautiful music wrapped in wood,

soaring harmonies in a clear blue sky, and stories of how we all hunger for something


An evening of Street Corner Choir music includes their quiet love songs, story songs that

pull you in, and their signature, up-tempo songs that rise to a crescendo for that sixtiesstyle

big finish. Through them all are woven harmonies that lift each song out of the


Lezlie Revelle

Lezlie Revelle comes from a family where music was the second language. Since she was

old enough to walk and sing, she has performed in choirs, variety shows, theatre

productions, coffee houses, fairs, and festivals. Revelle blends her songwriting talents

with a roots rock/folk feel, a buoyant personality, and an occasional Celtic flair. As a

songwriter, playwright, and poet Revelle shares stories of the human condition and the

divinity to be found in us all.

David Hakan

David Hakan is a native of Kansas City who has been performing his original music for

many years. He writes and sings Americana, folk rock, political music, and story songs

about friends and family. In 1992 Hakan cofounded the Songwriters Circle of Kansas

City, which remains the KC metropolitan area’s premier organization for showcasing and

supporting singer/songwriters. Hakan has produced six CDs of original music, including

Warning Bell: Songs for America, which was released in 2008.

Equal parts message and magic, Street Corner Choir’s music is passionate and evocative.

The songs are funny and tender, powerful and poignant, an offering of love songs, ghost

stories, and folk rock interlaced with harmonies that will fill you up and leave you

wanting more.

An evening of Street Corner Choir music includes quiet love songs, story songs to fire the

imagination, and up-tempo songs to make spirits soar. Effortlessly weaving harmonies

with original lyrics, SCC’s signature sound imbues each song with passion and nuance.

A fan said, “Street Corner Choir’s music is the song you can’t stop humming – whichever

song grabbed the night before.”

Here you will find Blurbs:

What people are saying:

"Street Corner Choir was a huge hit with our audience at Last Minute Folk. David and

Lezlie have a wonderful stage presence and they have a great ability to involve the

audience in the show. Both of them are talented musicians and Lezlie's beautiful voice

brings their songs to life. We can't wait to have them come back to play for us again."

-Debra Kirmer, Last Minute Folk Concerts

“You and Lezlie sounded AWESOME! You two have a really nice sound not to mention

how great your tunes are.”

-Kathy Forste, Music Director, KC Café Internet Radio (after our live radio show.)

Street Corner Choir is music for my hippie soul! I could literally just sit around and listen

to the melodic blend of Lezlie and David's voices all day! If you are a fan of true folk

music then look no further because an excellent act is right in our backyard! It is

genuinely hard to find actually folk artists anymore because the genre has kind of become

misconstrued. Luckily, there are some real folk voices out there keeping the music alive!

The acoustic guitar goes hand in hand with their perfectly synced voices. I mean

seriously - I haven't heard voices that compliment each other as well as theirs in a long

time! The lyrics are genuine and people can relate to them which gives me high hopes

that these guys will make it big in the industry. If you are in the mood for some good old

hang your feet out the window while you are riding on back roads kind of music- Check

out Street Corner Choir- 4.5 stars out of 5 from me guys, thanks so much for sharing!

-Kansas City Cassi

David and Lezlie's voices are wonderfully matched on this release - giving new

dimensions to these songs (a few of which, I'd heard them perform solo before the

creation of Street Corner Choir). Add to these great performances a super recording job

and you have a top-notch privateer CD of compelling singer/songwriter folk. Highly


-Erik Karlsson, The Wooly Vicars

Videos on YouTube of Street Corner Choir's Original Songs
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